Town Team History

    The Town Team was set up in 2014 with support from Mid Devon District Council.  The original team was the same group who had organized the 2013 Crediton Festival. They enjoyed working together so much that they willingly accepted an invitation from MDDC to extend their work to other community regeneration projects.

    Several of the original members are still on the team, and others have joined since, bringing new skills and ideas.   Since 2014 the team has coordinated or supported a wide range of projects, including three further Crediton Festivals (in 2015, 2017 and 2019), the annual Crediton Flag Project, Babes on Bikes and the Boniface Heritage Trail.

    We initiated the New Community Hub Project, which in 2018 led to the creation of the Crediton Heart Project, a new charity set up specifically to achieve this.

    The Town Team is a not-for-profit organization, with its own constitution, policies and bank account. We meet about every 6 weeks and welcome new members.

    If you would like to know more please send us a message through the Contact page

    The Constitution says:

    6.1 Membership of the Crediton Town Team is open to any person with an interest in Crediton. The Executive Committee may invite people to become members or will consider applications from those wishing to join. New members need to be approved by a majority of the Executive Committee.

    The current Executive Committee (which has a maximum membership of 10, exc. co-opted members) is:

    • Rosemary Stephenson, Chair coordinator of the amazing Crediton Flag Project, Crediton Arts Centre Trustee, Chair of the Crediton Heart Project and editor of the Crediton In&Around website
    • Kate LockVice-chair – senior NHS manager, co-ordinator of ‘Active Mums’, Crediton Heart Project Trustee, creative events organiser, cuts through waffle like a knife through butter
    • David Jacques, FFA FIPA FFTA, Treasurer – accountant, balancer of the books, long-standing supporter of the arts and canny adviser on all things financial
    • Rachel Vowles – Director of CredFest 2017 and CredFest 2019, actor, theatre director, events organiser and phenomenal knitter
    • Jo Ward – electrician extraordinaire, actor, singer and go-to expertise for lights, sound and tech for community events
    • Martin Ashley – knowledge bank on local authorities, dab hand at keeping track of budgets, all-round supporter of grass-roots community projects
    • Cath Kelly – Crediton Town Council Youth Worker, WEA adult education tutor, passionate about education, wellbeing and capacity-building within the community, born projects organiser and fire-eater in her dreams.

    Just click on the month to open/download a PDF of the minutes you are interested in:


    April;  AGM


    January; December


    January; February; March; April; MayJuly; September; October; AGM


    January; February; March; April; July; September; October  AGM


    January; March; April: May; meetings all taken up with CredFest; September; November AGM


    January; February; April; May; June; July; September; October; November AGM


    January;  February;  March;  April;  May:  June;  July;  September;  October; November AGM;  December


    April;  May;  July;  September;  October;  November;  December

    The Town Team’s Vision Statement is:

    To keep and develop Crediton as a thriving, sustainable town that fosters vibrant businesses and recreational, cultural and educational activities for present and future generations, where all people, whether from the local area or as visitors, can live together in peace, harmony and prosperity.

    Download the full constitution as a PDF by clicking here.

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