Crediton is growing. How will the many community groups and initiatives that give Crediton its heart meet this challenge?  The Crediton Heart Project was set up by the Town Team in 2018, with the aim of keeping the heart in Crediton and preventing it becoming a dormitory town for Exeter.

    The town and its surrounding villages already have a vibrant arts scene and many successful community groups which make the area such a great place to live. Prior to setting up the Crediton Heart Project, the Town Team had spent several years, talking to local groups and researching community facilities in other towns. In a report published in 2017 they concluded that Crediton needed more space for its many arts groups, community services and small businesses.

    Following a consultation meeting with 28 community organisations in April 2019, the Crediton Heart team decided to focus on two major initiatives.  Firstly, they wanted to create a  community website to promote all everything the area had to offer. They achieved this in April 2020 when, soon after Covid struck, they launched Crediton In&Around ,  to promote local shops and services, provide information and share positive stories by local people. The website quickly grew to become a much valued online resource for the area.   

    Their second, longer- term aim, was  to build a versatile, accessible multi-purpose venue which would complement existing spaces and work for the whole community. It would include a flexible performance space, meeting rooms, a cafe and work hubs. These plans have been put on hold due to the pandemic and may well have to be adapted to meet the community’s changing needs as we emerge from the Covid crisis.  The Heart Project team is keeping all options under review and continuing to consult with local groups and individuals. 

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     Arts and cultural venues elsewhere

    Map of Crediton’s current venues

    (from the 2015 Crediton Festival brochure)

    Map of Crediton venues

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